Saturday, 29 March 2014

A Book on Soft Skills for Indian Students

Link to the book:

Following excerpts gives a flavor of the book and what to expect :
As someone once said: “Never allow a Crisis to go waste, they are opportunities to do great things”
While we can easily acknowledge it, how many of us can effectively manage our Emotional Stance during a Crisis and think above and beyond the immediate.  Universal Truth being, most of us are emotional being and experience over hundred different emotions like Fear, Frustration, Anger, Hatred, Envy etc. at any given time.  Unfortunately we cannot delete our various emotions and say, I am done with that puppy.  For example, for an emotion like Frustration, we cannot say that in future, I am never going to get frustrated.
But we can learn to manage our frustration (as this book shows) on a given subject, with given set of people, in a given situation a little better.  Does not mean our personal set of frustration can be done away, forever.
Unfortunately such skills are not taught in schools.  My main objective is to present a book (almost like a Text Book) which could help a child growing up in the smaller towns of India to develop their soft skills required to compete in the world market now a days.  This book will also try to expand on the theory of our Belief System and how we can reverse engineer the entire process to understand and grow out of the boundaries that have been laid by the belief system in our country. 

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